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Weekly Update (08/21/19)

This coming Saturday, August 24, our Haughton Branch will be welcoming a special guest! At 1:00pm Owen Osborne, 2019 Chopped Junior Finalist, will share his experiences and the personal challenges he’s faced and discuss his methods for overcoming obstacles.

Having participated in numerous competitions resulting in several awards, Owen knows a bit about facing challenges and attaining goals. Using his experiences in these competitions and personal challenges, such as bullying and food allergies, he has begun dedicating time to teaching others the tools he’s learned and developed to... Read Full Blog

Back-to-School Supply Drive

Help us support the children in our community by donating supplies from this list to any of our seven library branches any time from July 22-August 22.  These supplies will go to children who cannot afford to acquire these items on their own and to our community partner, Heart of Hope.

Donate items and get rewarded with an entry into a drawing for a Kindle Fire!

Earn 1 entry for every 1 item donated of the following items:

Backpacks Baby crib sheets* Baby diaper bags*

Earn 1 entry for every 3 items donated from the following list:

... Read Full Blog

ACT & SAT Test Prep Resources

Gale Courses, Homework Louisiana, and Learning Express offer extensive online test prep resources but we also have a large seletion of books & other resources to assist with SAT & ACT Test Prep.

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Curbside Pickup Service

Did you catch a ride on the struggle bus? We got you fam! We've all been there. Did your kid just fall asleep and you can't possibly risk waking them? Maybe you crushed it at leg day and now they're jelly. Maybe your kids have been little monsters all day and you don't want to be seen in public with them. Has it been one of those days and you just can't even? Maybe you have the flu and are going to be stuck in bed for the next 3 days and you really really want to catch up on Game of Thrones. Introducing Curbside Pickup at our Central, Aulds, and East 80 locations! If you're having a li... Read Full Blog

The Best Thing I Never Ate; episode 2

Fresh Figs
by Mandi Johnson, Associate Director of Community Engagement & Food Hobbyist

Inspired by Food Network’s, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, where celebrity chefs tell you their favorites from around the world, I decided to start a series I am calling The Best Thing I Never Ate (and yes, the grammatical inconsistency is killing me but “The Best Thing I’ve Never Eaten” just doesn’t have the same ring to it).  A couple of times a month I will select a food/ingredient I have never eaten before and will prepare it.  I’ll be blogging about these kitchen a... Read Full Blog

The Best Thing I Never Ate; episode 1

Rainbow Chard
by Mandi Johnson, Associate Director of Community Engagement and Food Hobbyist

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem and I’ll admit it—I’m a bit of a food-tv junkie.  I wouldn’t say I’m a foodie or even an amateur home cook but I am definitely a food-hobbyist.  Is that even a real thing?  I don’t know—let’s just go with it.  I enjoy spending my weekends in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes and culinary creations.  This, of course, has led me down the path of becoming a food-television junkie.  I especially love... Read Full Blog

Improve Your Computer Skills

We have more computer classes everyone! You asked, and we are answering: Bossier Central continues to offer classes at varying times and dates (listed below) for those attempting to improve their computer skills.

Word for Beginners (ages 18+)
May 2 @ 10:00am
May 10 @ 5:30pm
May 16 @ 10:00am
May 24 @ 5:30pm

Word II:  Intermediate (ages 18+)
July 2 @ 10:00am
July 10 @ 5:30pm
July 16 @ 10:00am
July 24 @ 5:30pm

Excel for Beginners (ages 18+)
May 8 @ 5:30pm
May 14 @ 10:00am
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1000 Books Before Kindergarten

What is it?

A reading program designed for infants through preschoolers to promote early literacy and kick start early education and set them up for success once they begin school.  This free program allows parents the opportunity to share books every day with their child.  Reading to or with your child daily helps them develop the pre-reading skills necessary for them to be successful readers in kindergarten.  The goal is to read 1000  books before beginning kindergarten.  The program is ongoing and will not end until your child reaches his/her goal or the child... Read Full Blog

Evaluating News Sources

Need help determining facts from alternative facts (aka: fiction)?  Let us help.

Be aware of “fake news.”  What is fake news?  It isn’t news you disagree with—it is content generated by non-news organizations in order to generate an audience for paid advertisements or to spread unverified/untrue information.

Take a look at these examples of fake news sites compiled by CBS.

Also take a look at this Spotting Fake News video from

What can you do?
Be skeptical of any news that comes from third-... Read Full Blog

Reading Tips for Parents

Show your child how you read every day for fun and work.

Point out to your children the printed words in your home.

Encourage your child to read independently in his or her own way.

Talk to your child as if he or she is already a reader.

Make reading fun using different voices for different characters.

Talk about the book you are reading with your child.

Ask questions.

Choose a quiet spot for you and your child to read.

Read aloud at least 15 minutes each day to your... Read Full Blog